Big Achievement for Cognizant as Everest Group Report Named it as Digital Workplace Services Leader

It is early Diwali for the IT services major Cognizant as it has been recognized as a leader and star performer in the latest Everest Group report. The organization also evaluated the performance of 21 other service providers.

Cognizant’s Digital Workplace Services platform WorkNext covers a wide range of cloud, automation, personalization technologies, and analytics that empower the workforce to work in a new age digital workplace from all across the globe anytime.

WorkNext has successfully redefined the way IT delivers key services and applications to scores of users all across the operating systems and devices. The wide array of services offered by WorkNext may include augmented knowledge discovery, cognitive virtual assistants, analytics for automating jobs, boosting productivity and improving experiences with the assistance of equipment like tablets and smartphones as extensions of office workstations.

The latest report issued by Everest Group has named Cognizant as a world leader for its unique strategy, powerful vision, key innovations and investments, and its quick delivery of services to personalize and boost the employee experience. Everest Group also went on to showcase the IT giant’s alliance on crucial platforms like analytics, virtualization, and AI. Everest Group highlighted Cognizant’s well thought out leadership in comparison to its counterparts. The IT giant has managed to enhance its business productivity by allowing its employees to work from anywhere and anytime with continuous and secured access to resources.

Ashwin Venkatesan, Vice President, Cloud and Infrastructure Services at Everest Group said, “Cognizant’s Digital Workplace Services portfolio is geared towards enabling client organizations to transform Employee Experience (EX) and establish a digital-native, personalized, and intuitive workplace. In addition to having credible thought leadership in this space, clients have highlighted Cognizant’s responsiveness and willingness to showcase value addition through upfront investments within engagements as key strengths.”

Meanwhile, Cognizant is all set to acquire Zenith Technologies to boost its IoT capacities. In the last 5 years, there has been rapid development in the world of technologies. The technologies which were useful 5 years ago have now been rendered useless. The latest technologies are taking the world by storm.

The major technical innovation that has caused ripples in the field of technology all over the world is the Internet of Things or popularly known as IoT. Several leading tech companies are innovating in this latest technology. Experts claim that IoT is set to become the next big thing all over the globe in the tech field. It is probably the reason why major investments are taking place in this sector.

Now Cognizant is also keen to engage itself in IoT in the biggest possible way. But, as the firm feels that it needs to boost its credentials first, it has gone towards the acquisition route. The firm has made a pivotal announcement of acquiring Zenith technologies and in this effect, the company has managed to strike a deal as well. The acquisition is likely to boost the IoT capacities of Cognizant in a tremendous way. The deal is also going to give Cognizant an edge when it comes to domain expertise in life sciences. Earlier, the company was treading the path carefully as the new CEO Brian Humphries assessed the situation and now the company has decided that acquisition is the best route to reach the pinnacle in this new field.


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