Cloudflare's Free VPN Warp Available on Android and iOS

Cloudflare’s Free VPN Warp Available on Android and iOS

Cloudflare has announced that its VPN services Warp are now available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Cloudflare’s first VPN service was very well received, and even before its launch, two million people had signed on the waitlist for Warp. It is rewarding those who have waited patiently by giving 10GB of the paid version of Warp, Warp Plus, to them. Earlier Cloudflare had raised $525 million via IPO.

The company’s internet routing technology Argo, empowers customers to send their traffic on the internet through faster, less congested routes. Cloudflare has increased the speed of its client’s websites by up to 30%.

If users enable Warp, all of their internet traffic, including all apps running on their device, will be encrypted. Unencrypted connections will be encrypted automatically.

The technology is now available to everyone through Warp Plus. The paid version of Warp costs $4.99 or less depending on the region in which you reside.

Basic Warp is free and is a service to help smartphone users secure their phones outside their homes. To attracts users, Cloudflare gifts 1 GB of free WARP Plus to users who share the app with their friends. This offer extends to those also who are referred.

Cloudflare has included strong privacy options from its first VPN in Warp too. Cloudflare will not put any data which can be used to identify the user to a disk; it won’t sell users browsing history or even use it for creating a targeted advertising campaign. Users will not need to share personal details to use Warp. Cloudflare has asserted that it will work with external auditors to ensure that it continues to maintain these high standards in the future also.


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