YIELD Partners with BnkToTheFuture for Equity Crowdfunding

YIELD Partners with BnkToTheFuture for Equity Crowdfunding

YIELD has announced its partnership with one of the globally renowned crowdfunding platforms, BnkToTheFuture. The online platform is specifically designed for companies operating in the financial technology domain, and its network consists of more than 85,000 investors. The platform’s credibility can be easily estimated from the fact that it has been involved in raising the capital for some of the most reputed companies in the cryptocurrency domain, including Abra, BitFinex, Wirex, and Kraken, among others. Further, the network has facilitated the investment to the tune of $850 million in the FinTech category.

Commenting on this association, the Chief Executive Officer of YIELD, Tim Frost, said that their selection of BnkToTheFuture signaled the company’s strategic intent to become a key player in the financial technology business. The credibility of the due diligence process of BnkToTheFuture is beyond any doubt, and this would add to the credentials of YIELD, too, in terms of transparency and trustworthiness. The BnkToTheFuture users will have the opportunity to invest a minimum amount of $1,000 in YIELD. They can also access YLD tokens for their investment that, and in turn, will provide an opportunity to earn extra income on the token.

The Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of BnkToTheFuture, Simon Dixon, also expressed their happiness on this association. Dixon elaborated that they were getting requests from the investors to have a look into some credible decentralized finance projects and after doing comprehensive research, they finally selected the YIELD to go ahead with.

This association is sure to boost the prospects of decentralized finance while bringing more credibility to the domain of cryptocurrency and decentralized technology. Additionally, the merger will have long-term implications for the crypto domain and hopefully help digital coins enhance their reach and adoption among the target masses.


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