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Topmost Crypto Currencies Recording Little Depletion, Bitcoin Floating Around $3,450

Going by the reports published on Sunday, February 3, the majority of cryptocurrencies falling in the list of top 20 have been noted making a little loss by the time going to press. As per the data issued by Coin360, BTC or the bitcoins are floating on the mark of $3,450 again.

As per CoinMarketCap’s reports, bitcoins have made a fraction’s fall of half a percent on February 3. It’s trading value while going to press was noted at $3,476. If we look at the weekly report, bitcoins had begun the week by trading at around $3,594, and its current value is around 3% lower than where it started, per the CoinMarketCap chart.

On the other hand, Ripple or XRP noted a trading value of about $0.303 currently which is more than 1% lower. The premier altcoin suffered the loss within 24 hours before going to press. As per the weekly chart, Ripple had started the week with $0.316 which indicates that the loss is not huge. However, its midweek high noted on January 31st was at $0.333, implying a significant fall.

The previous day had also been tough for the 2nd largest altcoin – ETH or Ethereum. The last 24 hours witnessed the reduction in its value by around a little less than the quarter of one percent. When last checked, Ethereum stood at $107 trading value while its highest value at mid-day was $110. As per the week’s chart, ETH which had begun the week with $115, registered its current value with a drop of more than 7%.

While some cryptos are experiencing significant drops, there are few making progress as well. A glance at the list of top 25 crypto money reveals that the coins doing well on the chart include Waves or WAVES, EOS, LTC or Litecoins, and XLM or Stellar. These coins have made a growth of more than 3%, close to 2%, greater than 1%, and a fraction of 1%, respectively.

Going by the CNBC stock market report, almost 0.1% growth is registered by S&P 500. CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), at the same time, has lost 2.6%. DOW was reported to have made a growth of 0.26% based on MarketWatch’s assessment. However, if we believe one of the recently conducted analysis, the stock market’s current bloom is nothing but a trap.

Amongst the crypto’s rise and falls, significant oil indexes are experiencing escalation. As per the reports by OilPrice, there was an increase of 2.73%, more than 3% and 2.87% in the values of WTI Crude, Brent Crude, and Mars US respectively.

Noticing the recent market standing of the cryptocurrency, Michael Novogratz, the ex-partner at Goldman Sachs took to the microblogging site to express his views. His tweet stated that he’s positive about the cryptocurrency market, believing it won’t record a consistent fall at least for a few months. He further said he did believe firmly that these things will eventually move.


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