AnalystQ Review


AnalystQ is a top online broker allowing traders to trade in Forex, commodity, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, etc. The trading platform offered by AnalystQ is user friendly and responsive. The traders can build their portfolios over commodities, currency, and cryptocurrency markets through AnalystQ so that they can earn huge profits.

AnalystQ Reviews - Top Online Broker

AnalystQ Reviews – Top Online Broker

AnalystQ has its clients in over 170 countries. With the new trading feature, AnalystQ helps the traders to learn about trading. The broker enables the traders to make good investment decisions to make a profit from the executed trades. The broker offers trading expertise, which helps seasoned and beginners in accessing the market easily.

Trading Accounts:

AnalystQ provides three accounts to its traders, which are:

1) Primary Accounts

AnalystQ offers over 1600 assets, advanced online trading tools, trading systems, and many more to its traders. The primary account can be further divided into three types:

  1. Standard Account – Standard account of AnalystQ is the best for the traders who like to trade in assets like cryptocurrencies, currencies, etc. A standard account gives access to the MetaTrader 5 platform.
  2. Education Account – It is an ideal AnalystQ account for advanced traders. The education account is like a standard account; however, the only difference is in the minimal funding. For an education account, it is 0.5 BTC, and for a standard account, it is 0.05 BTC.
  3. Specialty Account – This type of AnalystQ account is the best for active traders. The features are similar to education and standard account in terms of expert trading tips, 24/7 live support, access to MetaTrader 5, and webinar libraries. The minimum funding for such an account is 2.6 BTC.

2) Professional Accounts

An advanced AnalystQ account is best for the traders who look for a great user interface. It is different from the primary account as it provides a more customized approach along with intuitive tools and personalized experience. It allows the traders to trade with tight spreads of up to 300:1 leverage. SMS and Whatsapp notification are another added benefit of the professional account. The professional account offered by AnalystQ is of two types – MarginQ and Platinum Account. The platinum account is the top-class account with 5% lower spreads. It also offers regular invitations to VIP events conducted by AnalystQ. The funding limit is 75,000 USDT or 7.8 BTC for MarginQ account and 15.6 BTC for a Platinum account.

3) AutomatiQ Accounts

It allows the traders to use automated trading strategies where the money deposited in a trader’s account stays with the trader all the time, no matter if it is a dormant account or not. Even after the long period of absence, the AnalystQ account remains workable.

Instruments that can be traded on AnalystQ:

1) Cryptocurrencies

The broker offers different types of services and tools to trade in cryptocurrencies easily and make a profit. The trading platform is designed in such a way that a trader needs not to have ownership of the cryptocurrencies, which allows the beginners to trade even when the market is volatile. The broker also offers various learning tools to enable safe trading in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

2) Currency Options

The platform offers forex trading tools through which a trader can easily and conveniently trade in the forex market. The broker also gives the trader opportunities to attend the webinars and browse the variety of educational resources before trading in currency options. In order to help forex traders, AnalystQ offers a wide range of customized services to help its forex traders. Some of the trading pairs that a trader can trade are – BTC/EUR, ETH/USDT, ETH/GBP, BTC/JPY, BTC/CHF, ETH/EUR, ETH/JPY, ETH/CHF, etc.

AnalystQ Reviews - Wide Currency Options

AnalystQ Reviews – Wide Currency Options

3) Energy Commodities

AnalystQ allows traders to trade in energy sources, which include both renewable and non-renewable sources. Renewable energy sources include biomass, solar energies, geothermal energies, and non-renewable sources, including oil, gas, and coal. With changing economic conditions and weather patterns, the price of energy commodities keeps on fluctuating, enabling the traders to trade in them.

4) Precious Metals

The market for precious metals is always bullish. Precious metals include Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Palladium. Even with the economic fluctuations, the value of these metals keeps on rising. So, trading in such metals is advisable for all kinds of traders. AnalystQ allows trading in Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Palladium.

5) Soft Commodities

Soft commodities include coffee, tea, soya, sugar, cocoa, etc. which has huge demands. These commodities can be very profitable and are a good investment. The trading platform of AnalystQ offers various risk-free opportunities to trade in soft commodities. When traded smartly, it can yield good profit.


It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert; AnalystQ offers an educational resource that is beneficial for everyone. Education is very important for everyone needing to learn and understand the key elements of trading.

AnalystQ offers the courses that are helpful in mastering the elements of trading, be it – cryptos, currency, precious metals, or commodities.

AnalystQ Reviews - Education

AnalystQ Reviews – Education

1) Educational Courses

Such courses include an assortment of courses specially designed for various skill levels – be it beginners or advanced traders. Some of the topics covered under it are – Commodity trading, Market trends, Indices, Trading strategies, Stocks, leveraging cryptocurrency.

In addition to the course topics, traders also get real-time trading case studies to stay updated with the changing financial trends.

2) Online Trading Courses

The customized and flexible trading courses of AnalystQ is ideal for beginners where they can learn at their own pace and get hold of some trading strategies related to indices, cryptocurrencies, options, etc.

3) Personal Trading Coaches

AnalystQ allows traders to study from the experts and to create a strong portfolio. It is one of the best features of AnalystQ, which enables personalized training from trading experts.

Platforms that are compatible with AnalystQ:

1) Android Trading app Platform – Android trading app helps the traders in trading quickly and easily. A trader can easily track the real-time data from the app, along with getting the instant push notifications. The interface of the trading platform is compatible with all android devices. The trading app offers 24×7 support to its traders.

2) iPhone Trading App Platform –  iPhone app of AnalystQ allows the traders to trade conveniently so that a trader never misses a good trade opportunity. The app is intuitive and has a responsive design that can help any trader trade conveniently. A trader can download the iOS app in their Apple device. A trader can trade in commodities and cryptocurrencies anytime in the day from his iPhone.

AnalystQ Reviews - iPhone Trading App Platform

AnalystQ Reviews – iPhone Trading App Platform

3) MetaTrader 5 platform – The platform is one of the best solutions for trading as it offers various types of trading tools that can help in trading various financial markets, including futures and cryptocurrencies. The trading platform of AnalystQ can be accessible from any device and browser, and it offers many paid and free trading opportunities.

4) Tablet Trading App Platform – Trading using a tablet is easy and convenient. It offers all the necessary functions and features that are important for a trader to trade. Quick access to market and trading in real time are some of the best features that Tablet trading app platform offers. Tablet trading platform of AnalystQ helps the traders in making the right decisions at the correct time. The app also offers 24×7 dedicated customer support.

5) Web Trader Platform – AnalystQ’s Web trader platform makes trading easy for the traders. It provides a user-friendly interface so that even the new traders can participate in active trading and make some money. The web trader is designed in such a way that it can work on any operating system and device.

Crypto Funding Basics:

AnalystQ offers margin and leveraged loans to the users to help them start trading in cryptos, commodities, and forex markets.

Margin and leveraged Loans

Margin trading is a process of soliciting a loan from a broker to carry out trades. Margins are the difference between the value of the securities present in the margin account of an individual and the amount of the loan that is solicited by the broker to carry out the trade.

To increase the potential returns from the borrowed capital, investors leverage trades. It is the ratio between the money you have invested and how you are allowed to trade after taking  debt.

Services that AnalystQ offers:

  • Dedicated Sales Trader: AnalystQ helps the traders by providing dedicated sales traders. The sales trader helps the traders in guiding them about the crypto funding, market volatility, risks, and many other aspects of the investment process.
  • In-House Analyst: In-house analyst provides great insights about the market trends and also about the risk involved. In-house analyst’s streamlined assistance helps avoid trading traps and ensures that the trader gets maximum profit.
  • Personal Relationship Managers: It helps the traders to solve their trading-related problems with ease. A trader gets to consult with the well-experienced relationship managers about the volatility in the market. The managers are available 24×7 through chats, email, and phone calls.
AnalystQ Reviews - Personal Relationship Managers

AnalystQ Reviews – Personal Relationship Managers

  • Personal Trading Course: The trading course offered by AnalystQ is such that a trader can learn about the basics of trading. The personal trading courses offered by the platform can help them in learning various trading strategies.


AnalystQ provides 24×7 customer support to its traders. Several trading tips from the experts help the traders in making profitable trades. The educational courses help traders grow, learn, and get used to the trading platform. The multilingual customer support is impressive.

  • Email Support: The customer support of AnalystQ is dedicated and professional. A trader can reach customer service agents through phone, email, WhatsApp, live chat, and Telegram.
  • Whatsapp Support: AnalystQ also provides its customer service through WhatsApp, which is secure and convenient to use.
  • Telegram Support: Telegram is another messaging app that is private and safe. AnalystQ allows traders to upload the KYC document through Telegram to enable them to enjoy the broker’s seamless services.
  • Phone Support: AnalystQ also offers phone support to its traders. A trader can easily reach live agents through phone at any time of the day.


AnalystQ review shows that it is one of the most reliable trading platforms offering a wide range of assets and trading services. It enables traders to trade in multiple avenues like foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and many more. It also offers loans at reasonable rates. To conclude, we can say that it is an ideal platform for traders who are interested in high-level trading activities. Customer AnalystQ reviews showcase the same sentiments about the broker.


1. Does AnalystQ charge an inactivity fee?

Ans. Yes, AnalystQ charges in activity from its users. The inactivity fee is $36 for all its users and account types.

2. What are the compatible devices with AnalystQ trading platform?

Ans. All kinds of devices are compatible with the AnalystQ trading platform. AnalystQ has separate apps for every kind of device – iPhone trading app, tablet trading platform, Android trading app, Web trader platform, and MT5 trading platform.

3. How can A Client of AnalystQ Contact Customer Support?

Ans. AnalystQ offers many different ways to contact the customer support. All the methods are quick and responsive. They include WhatsApp support, Telegram Support, Phone Support, and Email support.