Learn What Makes Trade99 World Leaders In Crypto Trading

Crypto Trading in itself is a cutting edge industry. The presence of blockchain technology is giving birth to so many innovations and new changes in the industry, which is leading to greater development. It is great to be a part of an industry which is growing at such a pace, yet keeping abreast with all the latest innovations, the pace, the demands upon the user of staying aware of the latest technology, can be quite a tricky thing to manage. In such a situation, support from experienced market leaders becomes simply priceless! Trade99 is one such platform which has aced this zone. Trade99 is considered to be the world leader in crypto trading. Well, this article will show you why it is considered so. Let’s dig in!

Stay smart with Trade99’s MetaTrader5:

Is it human to stay aware and spot-on with the 24/7 trading movements? Well, Trdae99 has made it possible for you. It is basically a personal trading robotic assistant that functions as per your pre-decided orders. How?

  • With Trade99’s MetaTrader5, the user is given to the robot-driven trading situation. Basically, the robot takes care of your trading preferences. Once you set up your trading requirements, the robot participates in the trading arena on a 24/7 basis on your behalf.
  • It gives the active crypto trader the freedom to focus on your entire trading portfolio and to push the boundaries further.
  • Also, the user is given strong support in case he or she face any doubts. Support is given in financial trading, crypto leveraged trading, crypto exchanges, future markets, and so on.
  • Given it is a robot-based platform, your trading can stay active 24/7.
  • Getting the best prices based on the comparative study done by the robot is a highly useful feature of MetaTrader5.
  • An account on MetaTrader 5 can give you access to many trading robots.
  • The user gets solid support from strategy supporters and the virtual hosting service (VPS), as well as the support for the crypto trading.
  • You can be anywhere in the world and still do trading with Trade99’s MetaTrader 5.
  • The user can choose their preferred crypto exchange, trading budget, trading targets, how many transactions you desire, record the orders, what method of execution was used- the netting mode which is useful for exchange market, or the hedging method which is useful for leveraged cryptocurrency trading, etc.

Trdae99 is made for all types of users:

Regardless of the trader’s experience, Trade99 is a platform that suits all kinds of traders.

For the beginners:

If you are a beginner in trading, you have landed at the right platform. Trade99’s support team offers close support for such traders, helps them in deciding the best deals, the best direction to trade in, choosing the right crypto exchange, and so on.

For the active traders:

As discussed above, Trade99 offers MetaTrader 5 with active customer support for the experienced traders for allowing them to reap the best trading benefits.

Growth for all:

Whether you are a novice or an experienced trader, the changing innovative nature of the blockchain industry demands well-aware trades and investors. To fulfill these shoes, Trade99 offers educational programs to keep all the traders aware and helps them become successful traders.

Leveraged Cryptocurrency Trading:

This facet basically translates to freedom in trading without having to own any crypto asset. The freedom further supports the trading growth of the trader and imparts confidence. Other benefits of the leveraged crypto trading are-

  • A sense of immunity comes to the user, given the fact that the user does not own the crypto assets. Therefore, the user does not have to worry about selling or buying the crypto in desperate times.
  • Another benefit is that the original price, at which the leveraged cryptocurrencies or asset was purchased in the first place, is taken into consideration while calculating the price turbulence.
  • Thirdly, the short position is another interesting feature of the leveraged crypto trading. If a trader sells at the current price, then, later on, he or she can buy at a lesser rate.

Types of leveraged crypto trading:

  • Soft Commodities Trading
  • Precious metals Trading
  • Indices
  • Energy Commodities
  • Cryptocurrency trading

Trade99 is known for its customer-centric vision. The Trade99 team is always vigilant to help its users. No question is too small for them. This is the very secret why Trade99 is considered as the world leader in the crypto trading industry.


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